A top quality hen house is something that every single home chicken farmer needs. After all, if you want your chickens to keep producing top quality eggs, then you absolutely Home Remodeling Articles have to keep them safe and comfortable. Here are the elements that every chicken coop needs to have in order to ensure it does its job as well as possible.
Top quality construction…
Your coop is going to be outside. It needs to be tough enough to stand up to the elements. To make sure it is, use pressure treated woods where possible, and anywhere you can’t, coat and seal the wood to ensure that it doesn’t suffer from moisture problems and rotting.
Lots of ventilation and sunlight…
Your chickens want to be warm when its cold, cool when its hot, and dry when its wet. In order to do this, you need to put at least one large window in your coop. This window will allow in sunlight to warm the coop in winter, and allow ventilation in summer to keep the coop cool. Face your biggest window south to allow in the most sunlight possible.
Protection against predators…There are a lot of predators out there, even in urban settings. Racoons, weasels, and even dogs, all pose a major threat to your chickens. To keep these wiley predators out, you need Free Cabin Plans With Material List to predator-proof your coop. Use only high strength, quality wire to seal your windows, and make sure they’re well sealed. Doors should be made of very good quality materials to ensure they can’t be breached.

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