The Role of the Construction Solicitor

A Low Cost House Designs And Floor Plans solicitor is responsible for all of the legal issues which arise from construction projects. They are on hand through the entire life cycle of a construction project, from the planning stage, right through to any disputes which may arise during construction and when the building work has been completed.
Construction solicitors work for clients both in the public and private sector, and have a working knowledge of the constraints under which those in the construction industry work under.
Construction solicitors work on a diverse range of building projects, including all commercial and residential developments and everything these encompass. Construction solicitors work towards protecting the interests of their clients, negotiating on their behalf and carrying out due diligence. Their capabilities include all aspects of both construction and engineering in relation to contracts, procurement, logistics and auditing.
The following are just some of the areas which construction solicitors cover:
Construction solicitors will advise construction firms in relation to how their projects are funded at all stages. They will be aware of the relationship between the construction company and their lenders and professional indemnity insurers. The main objective of a construction solicitor is to minimise the fees paid to advisers and ensure that all transactions related to the project are completed as swiftly as possible.
A construction solicitor will be able to advise you on the implications of relevant legislation in the planning and execution of your project, helping you to avoid any potential pitfalls along the way.
For construction solicitors who are involved in public sector work, a working knowledge of European law is necessary. This will help the lawyer to advise their clients on all of the relevant construction laws which are governed by Brussels. These include the European law on compulsory competitive tendering, public sector procurement rules and the Competition Act, along with all relevant employment regulations and legislation.
Risk Management
Risk management allows Canada Electrician Skills Assessment firms to ensure that they are adequately protected against any risk that their project faces. Construction solicitors work on a proactive basis to ensure that their clients are fully up to speed with all of the latest health and safety regulations, as well as any financial and regulatory risks that could potentially affect the project.
Now you know more about the role of a construction solicitor, can you and your project afford to be without one?