What is Going on in Guam?

Over the next five years or so there are plans to massively build in Guam, in what is being called the largest US military facility expansion in history. Occupation of Okinawa began at the end of World War II and has been kept in place to ensure stability within the region and provide an appropriate response Cheapest Building Materials Australia if deterrents fail. From this occupancy, the US military has been able to quickly address issues in South Korea, Vietnam and during Desert Storm. However, in 2006, the government of Japan wanted the military presence moved out of Okinawa and the final settled on location was US province of Guam.
All this means for today is there are massive building projects underway and being planned to modernize Guam’s aging infrastructure and provide a stable environment for what could amount to 14,000 added residents from the US military personnel and their families alone. Guam Residential Vs Commercial Electrician Reddit projects will range from simple road and bridge construction to a fully operational military base with everything in between! The suggested cost for all this construction? Several billion dollars!
Construction companies from all over the world are watching the Guam bid requests with eagle eyes. In the last couple of years, some very lucrative project bids have already been awarded. For example, 23.4 million was awarded to a local Guam construction company for the building of the Torpedo Exercise Support Building and associated facilities.
Military installations will be a large part of the Guam construction process but they will not be the only projects getting under way. Think about where you live today and the infrastructure of roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and more that it takes to supply all the wants and needs of the population. Now further imagine that your neighborhood or city was about to double in size. What would that do to the demands on your roads, water supply, utilities and sewage treatment facilities? Add to this scenario the fact that Guam’s infrastructure was already outdated and you can see the extraordinary possibilities. Guam bid requests for the Guam base buildup are sure to be enormous.