When working as a Site Manager in the UK Construction Industry the responsibility for the Health & Safety of employees and the public falls equally on the shoulders of the Site Manager, Site supervisors, Project Managers and also the Business Owner.
It is a legal requirement that all Owners, Managers, supervisors and Project Managers make sure that their employees have an adequate understanding of the current Health & Safety legislation.
SMSTS Training stands for Site Manager Safety Training Scheme Training and has been adopted by the UK Construction Industry as their approved training scheme for Site Managers.
Although only 5% off the UK workforce actually work in the Construction Industry it is probably not a shock for us to see that a massive 27% of fatal injuries at work happen in the Construction Industry.
Now obviously this is disproportionate but because of the nature of the work involved it is hardly surprising that the level of the fatalities is as high as it is.
Statistics prove that correct Health & Safety Training reduces the amount of work related injuries, sickness and fatalities in the workplace. With this in mind it really is important that Construction Industry continue with the excellent training being offered on these SMSTS Courses.
Thankfully this is not an issue as the SMSTS Training Course has benefits to business in addition to the lives saved and illness and injury avoided.
If you think about it for a minute less people off work means less interruption to production. It also means less time wasted looking for new full or part-time staff.
Making sure that Site Managers receive adequate Health & Safety Training in the form of SMSTS Training will also limit the chance of legal action from the Health ans Safety Executive.
The SMSTS Training Course gives successful candidates certification for five years. This means that once they have passed the course and received their CITB SMSTS Certificate they are then far more able to gain employment in the Construction Industry.
What happens when the five years have expired, do candidates have to take the course again? No that is not the case, candidates do not have to take the training course again, it is enough that they attend a SMSTS Refresher Course which once completed with give the candidate a further five years certification.
The first SMSTS Training Course is a five-day course and can usually be attended Housebuilders over five consecutive days or can be spread out over five one day sessions.
The SMSTS Refresher is a two-day course and Alternative Careers For Electricians is usually taken over two consecutive days.

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