Why Construction Websites Don’t Sell

When you look at a website like what do you see? You see a ton of information about various kinds of electronics. Comments from past clients, whether they are happy or unhappy, are posted on every Subcontracting product. Forms of shipping, phone numbers for contacting people in different departments, the type of payments that are accepted and their latest promotions are easy to find and simple to read.
Now, look at a contractor’s website. What do you see? You will likely see something like this “Hi, we are ABC Electricians Company located here in your town, USA. We are here to help you with all your needs when it comes to wiring and electricity. Please call us.” Compared to Best Buy this looks pretty weak, right?
I know what you are saying “BUT, I am not a retail store! I offer a professional service! My website cannot look like that!” My response to that: WRONG. You can have a website that is interactive, inviting, informative and selling all at the same time.
Most contractors don’t want to put a lot of time into their website because they cannot see the immediate benefit. Let me ask another question. Have you ever hired an employee that IMMEDIATELY doubled what you spent on him in new business or more productivity? No, you probably have not. But have you hired a good employee that had potential and over time and with careful coaching you molded him into a dependable employee that makes you money? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you are doing things well. The same thing can be done with a website.
Having a website that can generate new business, keep current clients informed and involved, Sub Subcontractor and make a few sales will take some time. But the rewards will far exceed the costs.