10 Lawn Care Tips

Having a beautiful lawn can be hard work. Keeping up with the task and making sure you do things the right way is imperative to success. These 10 tips that should make things easier.
Seeding. New Home owners can be quick to put down new grass seed to thicken up the lawn. This is something best done in the fall when the rest of the grass is going dormant for the winter rather than the spring.
Fertilizing. Timing is crucial when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy. Make sure that you have an experienced professional tell you what fertilizers to use and when to make sure your lawn is the best it can be.
Wrong plants and wrong placement. Region has a huge impact on what plants can grow and how well. Make sure you contact a lawn care expert to match your lawn with the right seen.
Watering trouble. Watering your lawn the proper amount can be tricky. You don’t want to over water your grass, but need to make sure it gets enough. A Residential Vs Commercial Electrician Reddit slow steady water once a week is a good estimate that plays on the safe side. Lawns need 1 inch of water a week, so be mindful of the weather as well.
Aeration. If you have too much thatch it can hinder the amount of water and nutrients reaching the roots. If neglected it can bring about weed and disease problems and we don’t want that. You should aim to aerate and dethatch once a year.
Misconceptions with mowing. Many homeowners try to reduce the amount they need to mow by lowering the mower blades and cutting the grass shorter. This can shock your lawn and allow weeds and insects to invade. That said dull mower blades can increase the water loss from plants and will need more gas to run.
Improper pesticide use. Make sure you read the label. Did I say read the label? You should read the label. Pesticides are dangerous and can be devastating to non-target organisms. A pesticide is not a silver bullet. They should be used appropriately and with care.
Bagging your clippings. Lawn clippings are great for your soil. They add nutrients that would Independent Subcontractor Agreement otherwise be missed. Instead of bagging your clippings, recycle them back into the soil.
Misdiagnosis. A well meaning do it yourselfer can cause more harm than good without meaning to if they misdiagnose the problem in the lawn. Consulting a specialist instead of assuming the problem will help you prevent mistakes and keep your lawn happy.
Trimming trouble. Trimming too close to the base of a tree can kill it. Be aware of the trees and shrubs in your lawn.
Lawn care is a constant task that requires constant attention. Make sure to keep up with the work and don’t get behind. A happy lawn makes for a good looking house.
So from your Hawaii Builders, happy lawn keeping!