A Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

A Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

If you are living in a house or apartment where the bathroom is purely a functional room and not particularly esthetically pleasing, you might want to make it more appealing without spending a fortune. Here are a few tips to help renovate your bathroom without wasting your money.

Change the colors of your bathroom

Color has a dramatic effect on the way the bathroom looks and on the ambience it emanates, furthermore it is an easy transformation to accomplish. Changing the bathroom floor tiles can be complicated and expensive as it might require the help of professionals. However, painting is something anyone can do and it is relatively inexpensive. You will be surprised by the difference that a fresh coat of paint can make, specially in a bathroom. There are special paints for bathrooms that are well suited for a humid atmosphere and will discourage mold growth. The choice of colors is without limits, if you can imagine it then you can have it.

Think about the vanity

Vanities and cabinets tend to attract attention in a bathroom. If your vanity or if your cabinets could use a little make over, start by getting rid of all that you no longer use and don’t need, that might give a cluttered look in the room. Then clean out the bathroom thoroughly, including all woodwork. If after that they still have a sad monotonous look, consider painting the doors or even changing them. Change the knobs on your cabinets if necessary. Try then to maximize the space you have for all the products you need. If you run out of space in the cabinets you could for example use wicker baskets and display them in an attractive way.

Accessorize your bathroom decor

Changing the smallest detail can bring about a huge improvement in the total look of the room. For example changing an old shower curtain and replacing it with a more contemporary new one, no matter how inexpensive it, will change everything. Shower curtains are available in many colors and designs, and at any price. Look for one that will integrate easily in the theme of your decor, or make it the central motif of your decor.

Popular themes for bathrooms are nautical and aquatic designs.

Finally add a couple of rugs and bath towels in matching or contrasting colors.

warm, welcoming room where you can find relaxation, all within a small budget of both time and expenditure.