How to Transform Your Plain Bathroom to One That is Full of Personality While on a Budget

How to Transform Your Plain Bathroom to One That is Full of Personality While on a Budget

Are you unhappy with the way your bathroom looks, but don’t have much money to invest in remodeling? Without spending much at all, you can completely transform the appearance and atmosphere of your bath. Sure, no one visits in this room, but plenty of people use it! When visitors come, you want your home to look as beautiful as possible, and the bathroom is no different. This article offers you tips and ideas you can use today that will update and refresh the most used room in the house.

Many people have bathrooms that are so small, the tub, vanity and toilet are practically touching each other, with only space enough to walk in the room. Even in this situation, you can still make the room look charming!

Paint Can Work Miracles

Paint can accomplish nearly anything. If your bathroom is small, paint the ceiling bright white, the walls a pale or pastel shade of sand, peach or buttercup yellow. Add an interesting contrast by painting all trim around the floors and doors white. If your bathroom is very large, you can use deep, rich colors instead and still get away with it. Mauve, burgundy and forest green are beautiful colors for a large bathroom.

Give Life to the Walls

Even in a small bath, you need something for the walls; otherwise the room will look drab and boring. Consider placing wood or wicker shelves over the toilet. You can often find these at flea markets and resale stores – just clean those up well, apply some spray paint and you’re good to go! Top the shelves with candles, apothecary jars filled with cotton balls or potpourri, and other colorful accents.

Mirrors are essential in a bathroom, especially a small one. Most likely you already have a mirror hanging over the vanity, but consider an additional mirror for an opposite wall to reflect light and add dimension. In a small bathroom, hang a large print on one wall that is brightly colored to further lighten up the room. Too many pictures, sconces and such look cluttered, and may make the room look even smaller.

The BEST Tip of All

What is the one thing you can do that will instantly improve the appearance of your bathroom? A new shower curtain! A brightly colored print will liven up the room, and a solid color works well as long as it complements the other colors in your decor. Buy an extra shower curtain, and use the fabric to make curtains for the window and a cover for the waste basket! You won’t spend much money, and your bathroom will look well put together.

Wicker baskets filled with soaps, rolled up washcloths and small lotion bottles look feminine and make a nice touch to any bathroom, no matter what size. If your bathroom is large, consider placing a large plant in one corner. When possible, floors should be kept to a light shade in smaller bathrooms.

Combine these tips with a few of your own creative ideas, and you will have a bathroom that you actually enjoy looking at.