Aluminum Fence Styles – Which One is Right For You?

I’ve always been a fan of wrought iron fences for their elegance and beauty. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan of the rust and the required maintenance. Nonetheless, the styles of fence always intrigued me and, when I became a home owner, I immediately realized what my house was missing. A fence. An aluminum fence with a powder coated finished that, in fact, resembled the wrought iron I had liked so much as a kid.

The nice part about aluminum fence, as opposed to iron, is that it’s incredibly light-weight and malleable. It’s not nearly as hard to shape as iron and, therefore, much less expensive. Even with some of the more intricate designs on the market, aluminum is a fair better deal that iron, wood, or even PVC. With that in mind, I needed to figure out what kind of fence I was looking for. After a lot of research I finally chose one of the aluminum fence styles available at a dealer who I liked, it was called “Hampton”. There were a lot more though, so it really comes down to personal taste.

Particularly, you should consider what kind of look you’re going for. I live in a small residential neighborhood with a few rowdy kids (nothing serious), so I went with a combination of rounded curves and finials. This provided me with the security look that I wanted, while not being institutional. Rounded topped aluminum fence styles are very nice for gardens, dog runs, and other areas where a soft look is preferred. Flat topped fences are ideal for safety around pools, and other areas where small children might be playing.

Regardless of the aluminum fence styles available, you’re still going to want to spruce it up a bit with your own particular tastes. Adding finials, butterflies, or even rings is an ideal way to do this. You can also put slats between the pickets of your fence for privacy, or between every second picket for a slightly more unique look. You can do aluminum anything with aluminum fence, all you have to do is ask yourself what looks good to then create it.

By Master