An Extreme Bathroom Makeover That Doesn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

An Extreme Bathroom Makeover That Doesn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

For those who have an old bathroom, wouldn’t it be great to do an extreme bathroom makeover, however within your budget? You will find simple bathroom makeover ideas that would truly give your bathroom a brand new look without too much spending.

New Paint, New Surfaces

One of the most inexpensive bathroom change can be accomplished through painting. Changing the bathroom color is essential to obtain a new look. If changing tiles is out of question or costs too much, then repainting is surely a better option. Make sure you pick the trendy and bold colors that would fit your character. Repainting is an easy way of changing the bathroom style, every now and then.

You may also paint the sink or combine nice designs to offer your room a classy appearance. Another method is painting some trimming on the walls or in the ends of the ceiling. It could change the actual bathroom without painting the entire bathroom or changing the existing wallpapers.

Altering Cupboards and Fittings

To give your bathroom a brand new look, you can always change the cabinets as well as the fixtures. It doesn’t need to be expensive. You can always repaint or restain the cabinets. It could leave an impression that you have replaced cabinets and cupboards. You may even change the light fixtures in the bathroom, obtaining a softer or brighter lights which could definitely offer your bathroom a different shine.

You could even get the knobs and faucets replaced, getting brass or chrome colored faucets could give your bathroom a stylish look. Attaching some curtains on the windows and around the mirrors or maybe putting some candles could provide the bathroom the elegance that it needs.

Replacing Tiles

A neutral bathroom can easily be given a brand new appearance by changing the color of the tiles. You don’t need to replace the tiles of the whole bathroom, you could just change the tiles on certain parts and make a pattern. Combining and matching colors could give your bathroom a mosaic-feeling. If replacing tiles could be difficult, then you can just put colourful grout, to give a customized look. When changing colors, keep in mind that the eye is drawn to the brightest colors. Make use of colored tiles to highlight areas around the sink or the bathtub.