Asbestos Cancer – Most Common in the Construction Industry

Asbestos undoubtedly is the most sought after material in the building and Plans For Home Renovation industry. It is sturdy and is corrosion free. Asbestos is one of the components of the silicate family and this is the reason for its high resistance to electricity, chemicals and biodegradation. Moreover, it is a good insulator and is burn resistant too. Asbestos is the only material which has all these qualities and hence it is so popular. However, asbestos can be quite hazardous and has proved to be fatal for people dealing or who are in regular contact with it. They are made of microscopic fibers which are in bunch. These fibers get separated when asbestos get damaged and the harmful substances percolate in the air. They get into your lungs and affect the respiratory organs. It could lead to serious illnesses. One of the most common diseases which affect people working in construction sites is that of asbestos cancer.
This cancer plays havoc on your digestive organs as it would affect and disturb the process of digestion. There is an inability to process the food and when this happens, the essential nutrients do not get absorbed in the blood stream leading to lower immunity to fight the disorder. Gastrointestinal cancer is another major disorder caused by asbestos. Asbestos cancer affects the colon which is the longest organs of the large intestine which plays a major role in absorption of nutrients which is not absorbed by the small intestine. Colon helps the body to stay hydrated as it absorbs the moisture and water content from Construction Quality India our food. When the cells lining the colon become cancerous, it leads to blockage in the intestinal system. The rectum is affected due to this disorder. The body stores the waste matter in the rectum before it is thrown out. This condition not only affects your intestines but your digestive tract as well. When the worker or contract labourer inhales asbestos, it permanently rests in the body and the body is incapable of processing these cancer producing fibers. When these fibers or particles pass through the abdominal system, they get deposited in the tissues surrounding the rectum and colon causing cancerous growth.
This cancer is more prominent in men who are exposed for longer stretches of time. Construction workers are the worst hit in such cases as they have to work for days and months together on the site. Moreover, a person who attracts this disorder also has a greater risk of developing colorectal cancer as well. The disorder takes about twenty to thirty five years to develop. Ignoring signs of asbestos cancer can result in cardiac failure.
Prior to the ban on asbestos, it was so widely used that no construction was complete without it. However, with the increasing awareness about the ill effects associated with it, construction companies are reducing the use of asbestos.