Bathroom Makeover Themes – Which One Should I Choose?

Considering giving your bathroom not simply some design touches but an entire facelift? Then just have an extreme bathroom makeover in your house. Changing or upgrading your bathroom can reward your house a inhale of fresh air not to mention, pride and comfort to homeowners.

Picking different themes can be quite confusing, so below are the most popular bathroom themes:

• Sea or “under the sea” themes are extremely preferred for bathrooms. There are various ways on how this theme could be expressed. It could be trough the color scheme or co-ordination, ceramic tiles, add-ons as well as fittings. Due to the popularity of this theme, you can easily get shower drapes, ceramic tile designs, sinks as well as toilet covers in hardware or stores. There are usually thematic designs just like this, such as the rainforest as well as the sporty bathroom.

• Most people wants to be creative and you can actually express it on your bathroom surfaces. You could blend and match diverse colors and styles to create the artistic theme. You could even get fittings, bathtubs, and sinks that are pretty modern and would fit it with this type of design.

• Calming themes getting very popular would be the imitation of a Zen garden and other Asian themes. Zen bathrooms would make use of neutral and relaxing colors and incorporate it even through add-ons. They would use natural materials such as bamboo towel racks, natural fiber baskets, candles or crops. Asian bathrooms are also very popular. There seems to be something calming with the plants and graphic derived from Asian culture.

There are more choices which brings together sophisticated and modern look. You can check out interior design and architectural magazines about that. You can even go to lifestyle websites that could inspire you in picking the theme you prefer for your bathroom.

By Master