A bid may refer to a price offered for a product to a customer or business, or making an offer in an auction. In either case there is a need for a bid manager to organise the purchasing when on behalf of an organisation or privately owned company. Usually a bid manager is responsible for internal affairs like the implementation of sales purchasing activities and the continual improvement of something often called ‘buying power’.
These managers are the problem solvers of the purchasing department, and they are often named as ‘bid project managers’. This is because sometimes they are hired to manage certain projects for the Building Construction Process industry, and this is done on a contact basis instead of working directly for a firm.
Recruitment is directly connected with bid manager work as not only do they need subordinates who work within the purchasing department, but many bid managers are recruited on an ad-hoc basis so jump from post to post.
The word bidding gives a clue about what the main responsibilities involve. In the construction industry they are given the tasks of looking after the buying of important equipment, raw materials and tools for housing and other construction projects. Buy having one person dedicated to this role they can often save a company a large amount of money and time when acquiring necessary materials. They are seen as a cost saving measure and part of a department which continually tries to improve by way of smarter purchases.
This job has a high level of responsibility due to the standards that need to be maintained at the production level. When poor purchase decisions are made the costs incurred can be huge, Contractor Meaning and the person responsible will be in this role. There is also a health and safety element involved as all materials and other purchases need to meet any government regulations in place.

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