A few years ago the phrase “there is no such thing as a hungry contractor” rang true. Today, things are quite a bit different. If you are involved in the construction industry you have undoubtedly been tightening the belt as of late. If you would like to be less hungry, then promotional gifts for your customers and suppliers could be the answer. Promotional products that are tastefully imprinted with the logo and details of your organization serve to keep your name in the forefront and also to let your suppliers and clients know that you value and appreciate their business.
The most common promotional gift is the personalized pen. All of your customers and vendors use pens, and when you gift them with promotional pens you will benefit from the increased brand awareness brought about by more eyes seeing your information. These affordable promotional items are available in many different styles and colors, so it is easy to shine by handing out something unique. Personalized pens are sure to be used, which means your message will last until the ink runs out.
Promotional tape measures are sure to be a hit. Everyone in your industry uses them, and having a spare one handy is always a good thing. The tape measure has a good-sized printing area which allows your company logo and details to stand out better. Think about seeing several people on a job site walking around with your promotional tape measure clipped to their belts. Your organization and it’s appreciation will be on their minds throughout the workday.
Custom mugs are also an excellent promotional gift. Coffee, tea, and other beverages are often drank throughout the day on the job site. Your information can be printed on the entire circumference of the mug, and in some cases the inside and the handle. Although Subcontractor Self Employed ceramic mugs are always appreciated, plastic or steel travel mugs are better suited for an industry that is constantly on the go and deals with dust, dirt and debris. The promotional mug is sure to be used and not thrown away, making your message a lasting one.
If you really want to stand out and be unique then promotional stress balls will do just that for you. Stress toys are small, malleable items that people can’t resist holding and squeezing. Stress relievers come in many industry-related shapes such as a hardhat, house or High Paying Electrician Jobs Overseas other types of buildings. Promotional stressballs can even be made in custom shapes such as a three-dimensional version of your logo. Like the promotional mug, stress balls are an item that will not likely be tossed away and will give your company powerful exposure.
These are just a few suggestions for promotional products that can build your company awareness. To learn more about what kinds of promotional gifts are available and how they can work for you contact your online promotional gift company.

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