The Best Way to Construct Indoor Herb Gardens

Perhaps one of the most popular types of gardens are indoor herb gardens. There are a number of reasons for this. First, indoor herb gardens are usually smaller and easier to handle, especially for a beginner. They are planted in small decorative pots and they can really liven up the décor of any home as well as being useful for both cooking and making your own medicine. While most people think that herbs are just for cooking, the truth is that herbs have been used for thousands of years to heal a variety of ailments.
There are a number of ways to construct indoor herb gardens and they are only limited by your budget, your space and you imagination. Many people are fortunate enough to have a plant window in their kitchens. We should all be so lucky. These windows Square Landscape Design work in a similar way to a greenhouse and are the ideal environment for indoor herb gardens. If you don’t happen to have one of these windows or any windows at all in your kitchen for that matter, don’t worry. You can still have a garden indoors.
All indoor herb gardens are potted herb gardens. You can use any type of pot you’d like as long as it has good drainage and a dish to sit in to catch water. What’s more important is where you set the pots. Ideally, you’d like to set the pots on a sunny window sill. But if that isn’t an option, you can also set the pots on a table or counter that has a fluorescent light directly overhead in close proximity. So if you have a fluorescent light under your kitchen cabinet, then you could set your pots right under it and your herbs would be fine.
One very recent trend in indoor herb gardens is the hydroponic garden. Midnight infomercials have been selling expensive hydroponic units. While they are easy to use, the user is required to keep buying new growing pods in order to have a steady supply of herbs. If you are interested in hydroponic gardens, check with your local hydroponic garden shop. They may have a kit or a system that will end up being less expensive or work more efficiently.
Constructing your garden is simple. Be sure to use an appropriate potting soil mix, since all mixes are not created equal. Topsoil, while cheaper, doesn’t have the same nutrients as potting soil. Potting soil has a pH that is specifically designed for plants in pots and it is enriched with fertilizer, plant food and in some cases, water absorbing fibers that keep plants evenly watered. Once your plants begin to grow and fill in, you will be able to start harvesting your herbs. Some herbs will grow for a long time if conditions are ideal, such as Basil, while others will grow for a brief time and then need to be replanted, such as Cilantro.
Growing indoor herb gardens is simple and fun to Affordable Homes Built On Your Land Florida do; you’re only limited by your imagination.