Can You Really Do an Extreme Bathroom Makeover in Just Two Days?

Can You Really Do an Extreme Bathroom Makeover in Just Two Days?

Remarkably, you are able to do a simple or even extreme bathroom makeover in only two days or over the weekend. It is possible to achieve a complete facelift for your bathroom without bankrupting your wallet or week-long construction. In fact, radical bathroom changes could come from minor changes.

De-cluttering and Planning

Getting rid of clutter from the room as well as organizing your stuff can definitely provide you with satisfying outcomes. There are plenty of people who can’t even recognize their own homes just after a good scrubbing and cleaning. Accomplish the same to your bathroom. Remove crap and get storage materials that are classy but simultaneously functional. You could get wicker baskets for your bath towels. You could get your make-up and brushes stored in the compartments rather than in the top of the counter or sink.

Adding accessories

Adding accessories could be done in one day. The first day could be about identifying the items you want to change or get rid of. Then you could start listing things that you want to purchase. This would prevent overspending and simultaneously, keep you focused on the remodeling. Changing the bathroom accessories might include replacing the mirror, bath towel bars, faucets or knobs as well as adding some wall treatment.

New Floor

An idea of getting a brand new floor tiling may not seem appealing anymore for a weekend work. You need not necessarily change all of the tiles in the bathroom. There are some people who would likely change some parts or tiles to create a design or color theme. Many would simply re-color or re-grout the tiles using grout in a different color.

Nevertheless, if you would be changing the floor tiles in you bathroom, you would then need to have expert assistance or a contractor for that. Several floors are usually made of wood, should you put tiles on top, it might end up cracking. In the event you already have tiles in the room, but wants to get it replaced, you should not remove them. You could simply place the new tiles over the old ones.

Put Up A few Cupboards

Cupboards are a great way of reducing mess and organizing your items. It may be a hanging cabinet. Unless you would like to have a blank area, then this really is a great idea. Installing a shelf could be the best option. You can hide the peeling paint, or the loneliness, however, you can set up shelf that could keep your personal things along with other accessories.