Cheap Home Security – A Few Tips to Save You Money (and Save Your Money)

Cheap Home Security – A Few Tips to Save You Money (and Save Your Money)

Home security is no laughing matter, it’s something that is increasingly important as economic times get rougher and unemployment goes up. This is an important point because often we think of criminals as people deliberately out to harm us, when more often than not the person who breaks into your house is hungry and desperate. With this in mind, security actually becomes an easier thing to handle because you know that the majority of people are opportunists. They’re not evil, they just see an easy meal/open window. If you can make your home seem less inviting, most of your problems will wander away in search of easier prey.

So here’s a few very basic tips to make your home seem less attractive to a common thief.

Get a dog. If you don’t already have one and you have a big yard, why not give a dog a home? Dogs are great friends, loving companions, and about the scariest thing in the world to a stranger in the dark. Dogs are also protective, more so as they get older, making your home (and their home) much more secure.

Timed lights. Outside as well as in, timed lighting systems can give your home the appearance of being occupied even when you’re not home. This is again a psychological security measure, making the would-be thief unsure and therefore cautious.

A fence. This is an important one and it has several benefits. With the proper material selected, a fence around your property can offer security as well as increased property values. Getting metal fence is a much better investment as it last much longer, particularly aluminum (which doesn’t rust or warp).

Follow these tips and almost any criminal will give your house a miss and move on down the street.