Bathroom Remodeling for the Elderly

Bathroom Remodeling for the Elderly

If for years it has just been you and your husband, and now you suddenly are making a living space for one of your parents, it can be difficult. You will need to think of all of the adaptations that will need to be made for your relative to make them feel as independent and as comfortable as possible. Part of this will be to look into bathroom remodeling that is specific to those with physical needs. You will want to find a company that has done this work often, is affordable, and is also quick and efficient in their work.

The bathroom remodeling job will need to be done by the time your relative moves in with you, so you might feel a sense of urgency if this was an unplanned move. The fastest way to get started on your search might be to go to the internet and specifically search for companies that install bathrooms for the elderly. As you look at the different websites, look for those that have been doing this work for a while. That will give you more confidence that they will do the job right.

In order to find out the affordability of a company, you might want to take companies up on their offers of a free quote if they do this. Ask each of the companies you are considering to give you a quote, and you should be able to have fairly good price comparison information to help you as you make your decision.

The time aspect and efficiency of a company is very important as you are looking for a bathroom remodeling company. Some companies may not have enough help, and they may take a long time to do so-so work. Ask each of the companies how long it will take and also how many people will be working on the project.

Once you settle on a company that can do the work you are hoping to have done, then you will be able to finalize what the new space will be like. There are a variety of things that can be done to help the elderly. You could have a walk-in tub and or shower, a wheel chair accessible sink, and even a specialized toilet set-up for their needs. You will also want to consider the placement of cabinets and cupboards so that they will be accessible to your relative. Before any of these items are installed in the space, the room will need to have the paint and floor done. Remember to consider the flooring carefully, so that it is not one that would be too slippery if it gets wet.

Once all of the decisions are made for all of the details, you should be able to just let the company do their work. You should make sure to check in on them periodically so that if something is done wrong, you will be able to catch it before it is too late.

Your relative will hopefully feel independent and safe in their new space. And you will feel that you are doing something to show your love to them.