Current London Construction

The construction project for the 2012 London Olympics is estimated to be twice the size of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 build, but the Olympic build is due to be delivered in half the time, with at peak building time over 12,000 people being employed on site. 98% of the facilities for the Games have been built by British companies, including working with scissor lifts, which has a worth of almost A�6bn to the construction industry. An estimated 75,000 firms have won work related to the 2012 Olympics.
The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has made sure that every trainee who was involved in the build enhanced their own employment opportunities and that value was added to the industry. Figures from the ODA show that more than 1,580 previously unemployed and local people have gained work on the Olympic Park, with more than 3,500 training places being taken up and 457 apprentices gaining valuable experience.
Two cherry pickers have been used in the Garden Designs And Layouts of the 115 meters high Orbit Tower (costing A�19 million) in the Olympic Park site. The Orbit Tower is the sculptural centrepiece, designed by world renowned artist Anish Kapoor.
Debate will go on for a long time whether the A�9.3bn invested in the Olympics should have been used elsewhere; the spending has provided a stimulus for the construction industry and employment in east London.
For the use of the Olympic park after the 2012 games, the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) has submitted plans for the redevelopment of the Olympic site. This will see Custom Built Homes Near Me work take place on five neighbourhoods over the next 20 years, comprising 8,000 new homes, as well as amenities such as schools, community spaces and health centres. It is anticipated that this project could generate around 2,000 construction jobs.
London could be about to experience a surge in construction activity with A�21 billion worth of projects to be completed by 2020. 9,000 new units are to be built in London by 2020. 4,000 of the units, which will be worth a total of A�8 billion, are to be built in 2014-15, the same year that the UK construction industry is set to experience a huge growth to lift itself out of the recession. The majority of these new units are expected to be luxury housing.
Office building in London is expected to rise considerably with a 50% rise expected over the next five years. This will see a three-fold increase in new offices built in the city by 2015.