Designing and Furnishing Comfortable and Attractive Sleeping Areas

Comfort is the most important element in bedroom planning, not only for the average eight hours of sleep each day, but for the entire 24 hours. The bedroom should have an atmosphere that is conducive to reading, writing, Different Types Of Electricians sewing, and knitting, or just plain relaxing. It should have a feeling of privacy, yet should be the kind of a room where the door can be left open, and it will reflect the mood of the decor of the rest of the home.
Although furnishings should be chosen for comfort, convenience, and beauty, it is the background of colors, patterns, and textures in the walls, floors, window treatments, bedspreads, and upholstery, that does the most to create a feeling of comfort and tranquility. There are as many types and kinds of bedrooms as there members in your family. They can be divided into the following classifications: master bedroom, bedroom-sitting room, children’s bedroom and guest bedroom. Each bedroom type will have different requirements. The master bedroom should have provision for a study or lounging area, as well as for sleeping. A guest room will not get as much use as a family bedroom does. It should have minimal storage and provide luggage racks to save unprotected surfaces. A child’s room needs rugged materials that can be replaced with adult colors and furnishings as he grows older.
There are three basic ways to fool the eye into an illusion of space. One way is by the use of color. Pale colors recede, pull the eye outward. A soft shell of white, or a tint of your favorite color covering walls, floors, and ceilings, is one approach. To keep this from being dull, you need variation of the basic color and some touches of rich dark wood and the glint of brightness, perhaps in shining glass accessories, around a mirror frame, and Electrician People Also Search For in brass lamp fixtures or light fixtures. A vivid panel behind the bed plays against light tones in all of the other parts of the room. The most personal room in your home, the master bedroom, can and should have the stamp of the homeowner’s own individuality. This is the one place where you can let your imagination go wild, be as daring as you like with vivid colors and patterns, and mix or match furniture styles and finishes to your own taste.
If you want your bedroom-sitting room to have an air of spaciousness and still include all the items that are most important to your comfort, shop for dual purpose furnishings. A cabinet with a door that flips down rather than out and forms a desk top when you want it is a good selection. A combination desk and dressing table can serve also as an oversized nightstand between two beds. Closets on either side of a wall can form a niche for a bed and table combination, can be installed with stock doors and moldings in the style of your choice, and can eliminate other existing closets to free floor space. Consider building in the bed, with storage drawers beneath it a storage headboard behind it.