Aluminum Fence Pricing is More Than it Appears

Having an aluminum fence not only protects your house but increases your property value. They’re elegant yet generally affordable, reliable and weather resistant. In fact, aluminum fencing is pretty close to being maintenance free. For a long-term home owner aluminum fencing is a wise investment and even a stylish addition to the home.

You can get aluminum fences in a variety of different lengths, depending on the dealer, and choose from several different colors. In addition, many dealers offer accessories for your fence such as finials, rings, or butterflies. All of these things should be taken into consideration when you’re looking for a quote, but there are a few extras considerations you should keep in mind in order to make sure you get the absolute best pricing.

Shipping is the big one to look out for. I know it seems more convenient to buy your fence with shipping included “free” or at a discount price, but in reality it’s not. If a dealer is offering one of these packages, ask them how much the invoice would come up to if you arranged your own shipping. You’d be surprised at the difference. Why? Because these are aluminum fencing dealers, not shipping companies. The extra man hours, paperwork, and whatnot all add to your total bill. Arrange your own shipping, find a service that will hunt for the best quote for you and then just make the arrangements with your fencing dealer.

Powder coating is the next thing to watch for. An aluminum fence is incredibly durable, but a powder coat finish brings it to a whole new level of reliability. If you’re going to buy aluminum fence, make sure powder coating is an available option. If it costs extra, consider a new dealer.

By Master