Free Electricity Generator Construction – How To Make A Magnetic Motor Generator

The construction of a free electricity generator is totally possible if you know what you are doing. At its heart, a magnetic generator is very simple but many people over-complicate the process needlessly. In this article, I’ll tell you how to do it.
1 – Get Some Plans
Though I am going to step through this process briefly, I urge you to get hold of some instructional plans. Think of it as trying to construct some flat-packed furniture without the instructions except that this time you really do need them.
A good set of instructional plans will contain Free Cabin Plans With Material List easy to understand steps and helpful diagrams.
2 – Fabricate The Rotor
The rotor is the part of your motor that will be spinning and it is from this mechanical motion that we have our source of energy to be converted into electricity.
The rotor should be made of something light but inexpensive – I recommend aluminium. A simple, circular plate will do. Wherever you source the material from may be able to do the cutting for you.
3 – Wiring
There are many ways to do this but most motors involve wrapping rounds of wires to make coils. Insulated copper wire is best.
4 – Magnets
These are not expensive. Some magnetic motors even use old fridge magnets! However, it Building Construction Pdf is a good idea to use quality magnets to start with as they will degrade less quickly.
These magnets are strategically placed around the rotor in an alternating configuration e.g. north-south, south-north, north-south etc.
When installing the magnets, make sure that they are fixed securely. You do not want a magnet to come loose when the rotor is spinning at over 2,000 revolutions per minute.