Great Small Bathrooms – Low Cost Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for bathroom remodelling and decorating ideas on a budget? Do you have limited space in your bathroom which you are finding difficult to decorate in an inexpensive way? There are more than one creative and low budget bathroom remodel ideas to help you.

Low cost design ideas for your small bathroom undoubtedly depend on budget bathroom vanities, sinks and cabinets that occupy less space. Let us discuss few products which you can look at for budget bathroom makeover.

a) Wall mount sinks are always great looking. They are very small in size typically in the order of 20 X 20 inches. More importantly they do not occupy much space. Due to their small size, they do not cost much. To make you happier, companies have started producing wall mount sinks in different varieties, designs and shapes. There is a unique variety of wall mount sinks called wall hung sinks which look great. From a distance they look like beautiful flower vase hanging from wall. Some companies produce them out of transparent materials like fiber glass which makes them the best budget decorative option.

b) Mini pedestal bathroom sinks are again low budget design options which can add elegance. They come in different colors and shapes. Pedestals can be narrow or thick with designs and are little costlier than wall mount and wall hung sinks, but are well within your budget. They are not as expensive as conventional sinks. They occupy very less space and can be comfortably placed in any of the four corners.

Next Step – How should you choose your low budget products and ideas?

There are plenty of websites which carry images, cost and customer reviews of small bathroom products. They also provide tips on low budget remodeling.

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