Hiring a Mobile Home Repair Contractor

If you own a mobile home or are thinking about purchasing one, hiring a contractor to perform certain improvements or repairs can be worrisome and difficult. Manufactured homes are a bit unique in certain areas and Simple Contemporary House only contractors that have experience or better yet, specialize in mobile home repair, should be hired. Here is a list of areas of your manufactured home where you want to hire someone who has adequate experience.

Heating and Air Conditioning – The HVAC system of your mobile home is unique when compared to site-built housing, more so than just an average counter “down” flow furnace. The furnace that is required is a HUD(Housing and Urban Development) approved furnace that is rated for a mobile home only. These furnaces typically have 0″ clearances between the wall and the unit. Often times they are right next to an interior wall. The ductwork and connections are different since the furnace sits on top of duct instead of underneath it. Replacement parts will be a chore to get unless you are dealing with a heating company that specializes in these units. Most reputable companies staff at least one individual that is licensed and has the experience to repair or install your furnace.

Plumbing System – Your plumbing system, including your water heater, is an area that you want expert help with. If your water heater is gas, you require a mobile home sealed combustion water heater that is approved by HUD. This water heater draws combustion air from under the home and exhausts flue gases out of a sealed B-Vent. A lot of people make the mistake of installing a standard gas water heater, since they cost 30% less. This can be a fatal error. Often times your water heater is in a closet that is near your master bedroom. Saving 30% on the cost of a water heater isn’t worth the health risk of asphyxiation of carbon monoxide. Any licensed repair company will know this and have a qualified individual performing this for you. If you are a “do it yourselfer”, be sure to inquire about building permits for the installation.

Leveling – From time to time your mobile home might need to be re-leveled. The frequency of this depends on how well the home was set up to begin with. If your home is on a firm ground with not a lot of standing water when it rains, you most likely wont have to do this often. Conversely, if you live Reality Homes in a moist area, you might be releveling your home often, every 2-4 years. Only licensed and qualified companies should perform this job. If done incorrectly, your home has the risk of falling off the foundation. Building code differs from state to state, so be sure and call the right company.

Good luck on your next mobile home repair project. Remember, when you deal with a company that specializes in mobile home repair, you are getting experienced individuals who know what they are doing.