Why You Should Use Pool Blankets

Owning an in-ground pool is wonderful, but maintaining it is also critical. After all, failure to keep your pool up and running optimally can make it unpleasant to use on a regular basis.
Even before you commence building you new pool, you must take into consideration and plan for the regular maintenance and upkeep of your new pool. One of the most popular things that Brisbane pool builders recommend for their clients all the time is pool blankets. In terms of ease of use, pool blankets are a real no brainer for anyone that owns an in-ground pool.
They Keep Your Home Improvement Contractor Salary Pool Warmer –
The simple act of laying a pool blanket over your pool when it is not in use can help keep it warmer. It is highly likely that you pool will lose a lot of its heat during the night if it is left uncovered. After undergoing pool installation, it seems foolhardy to let all of that warmth evaporate overnight. A well designed, custom fitted pool blanket can help retain a lot of the heat and keep it from disappearing into thin air. You will find that your pool is kept at a more comfortable temperature more consistently and easily, too.
They Lower Your Energy Costs –
Keeping that warmth from dissipating as easily means lower energy bills for you, too. Virtually any pool construction business will tell you that if you choose the path of a pool heater for your pool that it will be one of your highest ongoing costs. A pool blanket can significantly lower those bills, though, reducing the amount of time that the heating method of your choice has to run. In the end, you will enjoy lower bills and will help contribute to the environment of the planet by not relying as heavily on gas or electricity to keep your pool in tiptop shape.
They Keep Your Electrician Salary Per Hour Pool Cleaner –
Even if you have the most efficient, top of the line filter system available, a lot of debris can accumulate in your pool – especially overnight. Why let that happen, when a pool blanket can prevent a lot of it? Covering your pool when it’s not in use can help keep leaves and other things from settling on the surface of the water, meaning that your filter system doesn’t have to work as hard – and that your pool looks cleaner and more pristine more often.
They Help You Save Water And Chemicals –
Since pool blankets help prevent evaporation, they can keep the water in your pool longer. This means less frequent refills, and it also helps keep the balance of chemicals in check as well. Maintaining your pool will be much easier when its water isn’t constantly getting sucked out into the atmosphere – and all of this can be accomplished by a simple pool blanket.
Although there are varying costs associated with installing an in-ground pool, it does add value to your home and should really be thought of as an investment. With this in mind, you should consider a Pool Blanket to cover and protect your investment to enjoy many years of fun and to maintain its value.