Home Contractor – Know Whom to Hire

Finding a home contractor is one of the most important first steps a homeowner can take towards building a new home or remodeling an existing one. Once a list of potential contractors is limited down to a reasonable number of three or four serious contenders there are some basic interview tips to keep in mind.
The most important step before an interview is to check with the state board’s web site to make sure he has a current license and doesn’t have any open grievance on his record. This information is readily available online so any consumer can do their own checking with just a business name or license number. This is a great way to make sure a person who has lost his license or has a history of grievances isn’t used.
Of course a simple Google search can also help consumers find any web sites that may give more information and showcase some of the companies work style.
A face to face interview is the most important step in the process of hiring a contractor of course because it is important to find someone who has strong communication skills, and understands what the consumer wants and what he budget is to get there. The house owner and service provider need to be comfortable together because the goal is to collaborate and accomplish a major life altering goal together.
When interviewing a contractor ask for references to call and call them! Ask the reference if they would use the contractor again and why. Did he show up when he was scheduled? Did he come in on budget and if not why not? Sometimes owners make changes halfway through a project and send the budget out the window; this is not the fault of the contractor so make sure to fully understand any issues that came up.
It is very helpful to see a portfolio and most home contractors will have photos of their best work to show prospective clients and this can give a very good idea about the quality and style of work.
Finally after the both parties are clear on what the expectations are a bid should be submitted in writing to the home owner. A good written bid will be very detailed and have the New Small House Plans 2018 expected expenditures broken down clearly. The more detailed the bid, the easier it will be for the homeowner to know where their money is going so a budget can be maintained.
The last step of course is to hire based on a variety of factors including comfort level and the bid price. A good rule of thumb is to be wary Remodeling Business Plan of someone whose bid is way to low below the other bids or way higher than the other contract bids and pick a bid that falls in the middle.