Honest Contractors Are Scary

I’ve been working in the construction business for a long time and when I tell someone that I am a contractor, they often get a look on their face that tells me I’m not in a good business. Some people are a little more polite than others, but I often run into people who have hired contractors, only to find themselves amidst plenty of problems that they never even thought of or imagined were going to happen.
Often people don’t associate the word honest with contractor, used car salesman, lawyer or real estate professional. Anyone who makes money, providing a service for an individual that isn’t entirely satisfied, will often pass judgment in a negative way. These are the people who create problems for people like me.
When I was starting out as a young contractor, I was reading and gathering as much information about construction, sales and marketing to make my business grow and myself successful. I read one sentence and have followed that policy my entire career. Honesty is the best policy. It doesn’t get any simpler than that and if you are looking forward to a successful career as a contractor in the construction business, I suggest that you memorize the statement.
There are plenty of contractors out there who are honest and there are some who aren’t. I don’t know what motivates someone to lie or cheat, but things like this happen and it’s not just in the House Plans business either.
My honesty has actually caused homeowners to distrust me and I have lost plenty of jobs, simply because I haven’t made decisions for the people who were planning on hiring me. I have been asked questions and responded with honesty only to upset my potential customers who went with someone else, that convinced them to use a different product or do something else that often cost them more money.
I have to admit, I do intimidate and scare a lot of homeowners, simply because of my knowledge about home construction. I think that some people believe I’m making things up and this gives the impression that I’m lying to them.
It’s weird, to think that there are actually honest people out there trying to make a living in Home Construction Jobs a business filled with dishonorable reputations and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.
The next time you’re thinking about hiring a contractor, make sure that they’re honest and good characters or don’t even bother hiring him.