Builders – A Simple Secret Will Dramatically Improve the New Construction of Your Home

National home builders depend on selling a high volume of homes. With volume building, consistent quality control is difficult to maintain. It’s kind of like the Wild West.
It is easier to herd cats than have consistent and effective management on thousands of new homes. National and large volume local builders construct too many new homes to get everything right all of the time. It just is not possible. If it was, there wouldn’t be a warranty department.
These large home builders have purchasing departments. The departments are driven to secure the most cost effective or lowest pricing possible for the construction of their homes.
What is the end result?
Change! Change is not the friend of consistency; no matter what anybody tells you!
As new subcontractors aggressively bid to build your new home, invariably some are willing to work for less than the existing companies. This causes turn over with the sub contractors. The new subcontractors that have been awarded the work bring new crews to build your house. These new crews are not familiar with the nuances of the homes they are building. This lack of familiarity breeds future problems.
Equally as important is the proper installation of the components within your house that affect its use and function.
A simple example is the installation of wall and roof insulation. If not properly placed, the insulation is rendered almost useless. Unfortunately, the difference in installation alone makes a substantial difference in your utility bills.
Trust me, all builders experience construction problems. Your large scale home builder is not unique here. This is a fact.
So, how do you assure yourself the new home your builder is constructing is being built to today’s building standards and without construction problems sneaking in?
You need to become an educated consumer. This will solve most of your problems. By understanding the proper construction techniques and placement of materials, you will be on your way to assuring that your house is built to the level of quality that it should be.
By no means will this guarantee that there will not be any defects in the Journeyman Electrician Job Description of your new home. But, it will most certainly reduce the number of problems that crop up later.
Secret Tool for Improved Construction
Photo essay the construction!
For this to work effectively, take photos from the beginning of Free House Plans With Material List. You are not randomly shooting photos. These photos have a purpose.
You want your site supervisor to notice you photographing the details of construction most likely he will ask what you are doing. Your simply explanation that you have a consultant that you are sending the photographs to for review. Of course, his question will be “what consultant.” His next question will be, “why do you have a consultant?” Your answer will be, “I just want to be sure that everything is fine with the new construction of our home.”
If your supervisor has half a brain, which hopefully he does, he will tell (grumble to) each subcontractor that works on your house that: you are photo documenting the construction and to make sure that all of their work is done properly.
There is another benefit. If you do have thorough photographs and a problem arises; you will have the ability to see behind the finishes of your house. Your photographs will provide evidence of the construction as it progressed on your home. The inconvenience of shooting photographs throughout construction will be invaluable.
Your home builder’s effort will be improved greatly by following our simple recommendation.