How to Purchase a Self-Build Land

If you are a self builder, purchasing a self build land is indeed necessary. However, you need to be very cautious before you purchase a plot. Do not be fooled by plots that are sold at a very low cost. There might be something behind the plot which urged the seller to sell it at a much lower cost.
If you are looking for a good land to buy, make sure that you take note of the guidelines enumerated below.
Firstly, a good land must fall within the development zone. If for an instance you will find a plot that is outside the development area, you should not be wasting your money buying it. One way to make sure if the land is within the development zone is by checking the plot with your local councilors. You can ask for a detailed map which clearly shows the list of plots that is within the development zone.
The next thing that you should take a look at is the planning permission. If the plot does not have a planning permission, then there will be no way that you will be able to develop that plot. It will not really matter if the plan does not coincide with what you have in mind. After all, you can always request for a change of plan. New Small House Plans 2018 More so, you must understand that not all good plots can be found in popular areas. Even farm lands can be a good buy, provided that they are able to meet the criteria stated above. Never assume that a low cost land will increase its value in the future, unless you are sure that development and planning permission is granted.
After you have decided which plot to purchase, you will then need to decide on the process of buying the land that would be beneficial on your part. The two most used options are as follows:
First option you can have is the informal land auction. Normally, self builders are using this method, although those who are leaving in Scotland may not benefit from this option. If you will utilize an informal land auction in purchasing a land, you can choose from two different methods. It is either you purchase a lot directly from the owner, or an agent will mediate the transaction.
The next option that you can opt to is a public auction. At public auctions, plots can be sold at a much lower price because you will have to pay the amount in cash. This type of purchase requires you to settle the agreed amount immediately. This option will not be applicable for self builders who will need to make arrangements with mortgages or other financial companies.
No matter what type of purchase you would choose to employ, it is very important to set your finances first. Make sure that Construction Service Department you are clear with your budget. This is very important to save you from dealing with unwanted problems in the future.