I Finally Put My Aluminum Fencing Up

It’s fencing season again and many of us homeowners are trying to figure out what to do. It seems like every year I look out at my fence and it’s a little more rundown and a little more weathered. Of course, that’s what is really happening, so I shouldn’t be surprised. See, when I moved into my house, I had thought it would be on a short term basis. A few years in, though, and my family got really quite comfortable and eventually decided to buy the house.

Year after year goes by and I always say I’m going to replace the fence. Again, as my wife often says, I never got around to it. But this year was different. This year I found a solution and got straight to work.

I ordered the fence pre-built.

True, I still had to do the work of planning out the fence, digging the post holes (which really isn’t that hard), and staking out my lines. But I never thought layout out a fencing plan could be so much fun. Once the fence was ordered it was a quick 4 to 6 weeks until delivery. Jim, my neighbour, came over to lend a hand and before you knew it, I had a fence.

The point of this little anecdote is simple. Don’t put off the fencing project. Get it done and you’ll be happy you did. Keep certain things in mind though and life will be much easier for you. If you are looking at a long-term stay at your home, look into Aluminum Fencing. Aluminum fencing is extremely weather resistant, won’t rust, and is cheaper than iron or other metals because of its pliability and light weight. Wood is more traditional but often comes at the price of the traditional summer paint job.

By Master