What kind of money can you expect to make in the Mines?

This will greatly be depending on: The amount of hours worked each day, the position your hired for, the company hiring, the project and it’s location, whether you’re entry level or a skilled worker, and what compensation changes you might have negotiated during the time of the interview. A accurate estimate based on industry statistics would be: Entry Level: $50 to $80 thousand per year. Trades/Technical/Professional: $70 to $220 thousand per year.

Some simple advice Independent Contractor Rights to get started:

1. Update your resume

2. Register with as many recruiting agencies around australia

3. Apply for as many jobs that are related to your trade or qualifications and always follow up your application!

4. Set yourself a budget incase you have to travel to a location for work in remote areas, most company will pay your way but some may not.

When I first started in the Mining Industry I found it easy to continue working because once you got your foot in the door it recruiting agencies or companies would acknowledge the fact that you have had enough experience to be able to meet your job requirements!

Here’s a list of recruiting agencies I deal with in Australia:

These 2 agencies deal with the mines throughout Australia and they get most of the Mining companies job listings.

So register with them, send your resume! give them a follow up call every week and before you know it you’ll Hiring A Designer For Home Renovation be on a Mine site making the big bucks just like I do… around $2000.00 a week clear as a laborer!

By Master