Need a Bathroom Makeover? Start With Your Shower

Need a Bathroom Makeover? Start With Your Shower

Some high-level considerations

The shower in your bathroom should not only be aesthetically significant, but also enjoyable for you to use. If you’ve been considering a bathroom remodel, I recommend investing properly in the shower. A new enclosure, door, and accessories will do wonders for the overall perception and experience of your bathroom. Begin by carefully selecting the hardware for the new shower. Ideally, the shower pieces, frame, hinges, door color, and accessories should match your faucets and tie all the elements of the room together.

Framed doors are still a popular choice for homeowners, but frameless options like thick, frameless glass enclosures are growing rapidly in popularity. The actual glass you choose is important when selecting a new shower door. For example, is privacy important? A modern pattern or design? A balance of aesthetics and practicality? The number of choices you have is almost unlimited these days. Clear, unpatterned glass is still the most popular, however, as it shows off the shower itself and all the accessories.

What about the showerhead itself?

Do not discount the importance of the showerhead. Not only does it play a huge comfort role, but also effects aesthetics and the cost of your water and heating bills! As stated above, take into consideration all of the elements of the room and make sure the accessories match and the entire bathroom is well tied together.

Another very important consideration for your new showerhead is water-efficiency and environmental impact. These are gaining in popularity right along with all “green,” environmental movements. You can increase the output efficiency of a new showerhead these days by more than 35%. Choices abound for folks who demand better water efficiency!

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A new shower demands new accessories for the entire bathroom! Cabinet and drawer handles, towel bars, knobs, hooks, faucets, fixtures, and frames. To make this job a bit easier, consider buying all of your accessories from a single manufacturer under one product offering. This will ensure all of your accessories match, help manage your costs more efficiently, and make it an easy process from purchase to installation.

Spend some time doing research on what’s best for you and your family. There are so many options that you should also consider contacting a contract plumbing professional and interior designer to help you with your decision.