Aluminum Fence – Picket Rather Than Chain-Link

Aluminum Fence – Picket Rather Than Chain-Link

Well, it’s summer now and people are starting to get that feeling of wanderlust that always accompanies nice weather. We’re hiking, jogging, running, playing sports, and going for long walks. Anything we can do to enjoy the fresh air we’ve been hiding from all winter. Unfortunately, along with this wanderlust there comes a certain lack of responsibility in some travelers and to home owners that can be a big deal. People don’t always respect a fence, especially the ones that only stand 4 feet tall. I didn’t as a teenager, so when I think about what fence to install, I keep this in mind.

Chain link aluminum fence is very inexpensive and easy to install. Unfortunately, it’s also very easy to jump over, easy to cut, easy to disconnect from the frame that holds it up. I’m sure you’re familiar with the sight, dropping sections of fence that you could just step over, chunks of mesh being cut or pulled apart to leave an easily accessible hole, etc. These are all common things that happen with chain-link fence, it’s convenient to install but requires pretty regularly upkeep.

Regarding the material of the fence, Aluminum is the way to go. Light-weight, durable, weather-resistant, and incredibly malleable. With aluminum you can literally create a stylish yet sturdy fence that holds up much better than just chain-link. You can create an elegant addition to your home that resembles the beauty of wrought iron without any of the unfortunate mess and maintenance. An Aluminum picket fence has absolutely no “give”, you can’t bend it, you can’t cut it and climb through, and you certainly can’t just disconnect it from the remainder of the fence; it’s there for good. If you’re looking to make that aluminum picket fence a little more off-putting for wayward wanderers, add some finials to the top.

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If you’re looking for a fence that will do more than keep rabbits out, look into a solid structure aluminum fence. Don’t bother with chain-link, as it tends to droop eventually (leaving easy access to your property). A solid aluminum fence will better protect your home, will remain maintenance free, and will even add more value to your property because of the long-term nature of the investment. It’s worth it.