Open Your Bathroom With Color

Open Your Bathroom With Color

If you have a traditionally sized bathroom in your home, chances are you’ve become frustrated with its small size at some point. Although we don’t spend large amounts of time in the bathroom, the time that we do spend there is devoted to getting in and getting out. Whether you’re rushing to take a shower before work, getting ready before a big night out, or trying to get the kids to brush their teeth and get to bed – it’s all about working with the space you have quickly and efficiently. Although it may not seem like it, a brighter bathroom can help open up the space you have and prevent that “claustrophobic” type stress from forming. By simply altering some of the colors you currently have in your bathroom – you can create a bigger, brighter space without having to knock down a wall or install a skylight.

Many bathrooms are white traditionally. White is a color that suggests cleanliness, and this is something that every homeowner tries to achieve in their own bathroom. But, replacing a stark white wall with a pastel colored wall can change the entire look of the room. Pastel colors are calming and cool and won’t be restricting on the walls. Choosing to go with a pale blue or yellow will create a calming and cheerful vibe for the room, while naturally brightening the atmosphere. Choosing to go with brighter bolder colors isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in a room that is so small – these primary tones may be a little overwhelming and could actually create the opposite effect of what we’re going for. By sticking with cool, clean pastel tones – you’ll get a bright, open feel in the room.

Since white is a traditional bathroom color, keeping it in the room is a good idea. Chances are your bathtub and toilet are pearly white, so pairing our bathroom accessories with them will help create unity and coordination within the room. Simple accessories like the toothbrush holder, the towel rack, and even the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can be installed in a crisp white color to pull the overall theme together. Combining a cool pastel tone with clean, white accessories will be easy on the eye and will make the room look visually more open.

If you want to take your accessories in a different direction other than white, silver is also a beautiful compliment to just about any pastel tone. For many, adding a metallic means adding a touch of class and sophistication into the room. If this is the look that you would like to achieve in your bathroom, silver sink hardware, cabinet hardware, and even some decorative elements can add a little pizzazz to the room without weighing the space down.

When trying to open the room up, stay away from heavy, dark colors like black, navy blue, and dark browns. Wood cabinetry or flooring will be great accents, but stay away from dark stains that will become a focal point and prevent your room from looking larger. If you’ve become frustrated with the size of your bathroom, don’t think that a costly and time consuming remodel is the only solution for you. By utilizing these few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create a bigger and brighter space in just a day or two.