Over Crowded Construction Job Sites – A Sub-Contractors Nightmare

Electrician Apprentice Salary projects must stay on time, but there are a myriad of challenges which can come up creating delays. There’s always the weather, building inspectors, owner change orders, material shipment challenges, labor issues, and subcontractors. Just when you think everything is under control and on schedule, Murphy strikes. Of course isn’t that how Murphy’s Law works, therefore it should be all predictable right? Sure, and of course construction projects always leave extra leeway, and over budget on time even if they try to stay on a strict schedule.
One of the worst challenges is when you are trying to force the schedule or to get back on schedule and you have too many subcontractors on the job site at one time. Things have to be done in a certain order, and one subcontractor slows down the progress of another, or comes in with their tools all Reviews Of Contractors Near Me over the place, taking up half the parking lot, making it impossible to get a delivery, or get through and it makes for a very rough week. People get upset, frustrated, and subcontractors have been known to almost come to fistfights, as they use a few choice words while holding deadly power tools.
Yes, this is a nightmare for the contractor, but it is even a worse nightmare for a subcontractor who also has a number of jobs to do and is working on his own schedule. If one contractor is doing the electrical, and another one is doing the drywall, obviously the electrical contractor has to get done before the other person starts hanging the drywall. That goes without saying right? But what happens when the drywall contractor can only do it during a certain week, as he has other contracts and other places to be?
If he is somewhere else after the electrical contractor gets done, and then that might delay the person who’s going to put on the baseboard, or do the painting. And all this coincides with the deliveries for the drywall, the delivery for the baseboard, and all this stuff is stacked up all over the place in the way of the people trying to work, or where they need a park their trucks with their tools, and all the other issues.
Throw in a little whether such as too much heat, humidity, wind, or rain and well, you can just imagine how all this controlled chaos trying to stay on schedule turns into a complete nightmare for everyone. Please consider all this and think on it.