Rain and Snow on Your Outdoor Furniture

What does this mean to your outdoor living plans? Will snow and rain ruin your beautiful Ipe wood furniture? Most likely not, Ipe is known for being a natural material that has a natural resistance to all elements Home Remodeling Before And After and rotting, also resistant to UV degradation. But, not all wood is the same; they don’t all have the same durability and weather resistance naturally, what if your wood is not created from such a durable wood?
If you live in a location where your outdoor living plans come to a quick halt as the colder weather comes in maybe you should consider more permanent weatherproofing techniques. The first is naturally to pack it away, put all your tables and chairs, loungers and benches away for the winter. Put them in your garage, basement, or shed being sure there is not water damage in those locations first, for the cold season and pull them back out in the spring. Unless your basement, shed, or garages are prone to leaks your outdoor wood furniture should be safe and sound packed away in these areas of your home.
If you do not have either a good basement, shed, or garage to store your furniture in, or there is no available room in them, or the cold season isn’t as bad in your area, maybe you should consider buying weather proof covers. Another bonus of using weather proof covers vs. fully packing the furniture away is when you have those few beautiful weekends with crazy nice unexpected weather all you have to do is remove them for the time and enjoy. And when the weekend is over or the weather starts looking shady again, just put them back on and walk away, as easy as that. Weather proof covers are also good for nicer weather, say you are on vacation for a long duration, you can keep them covered and by keeping them covered you are protecting your furniture from dirt, dust, collected leaves and animals that can get to them.
You will want to fully clean your furniture before storing or covering it for the winter, using a leaf blower to blow away any collected debris first will be a lot easier than an outdoor broom. Then wash down all furniture, if you have a power washer this is the perfect time to pull it out, if not grab some mild detergent and a heavy duty outdoor broom and scrub away. Let all outdoor wood furniture fully dry before covering it or packing it away, this way it does not build up moisture. If you choose to cover it is Landscape Design Architecture sure to get full measurements of the furniture first so you have the right size covers for your tables, chairs, and benches. Also, buy quality covers, you have quality furniture don’t cover them with flimsy covers, you want a heavy duty, water resistant fabric that protects from even the heaviest snowfalls, and be sure it has ventilation built in to circulate air and avoid moisture that can cause mold. Taking these precautions can help your furniture last years longer than it would just left to fend for itself.