The Dangers of Construction Site Injuries

There is no doubt that construction sites are very busy places. They can also be very dangerous places. All construction sites must comply with OSHA regulations intended to minimize the risks and it is true that the number of accidents on construction sites is diminishing. Unfortunately though regulations are not always followed, or not tightly enough and all kinds of accidents occur every day. Let us take a look at some of the more common injury risks involved with construction sites.
FallsFalls from heights make up 1/3 of fatalities on construction sites. Incorrectly erected scaffolding, open sides and floor holes, unsecured ladders and unguarded steel bars (resulting in impaling) are all common risks. By law scaffold erection must be overseen and checked by a ‘competent’ person. It is amazing how often this is not done though.
Falling ObjectsAll manner of tools and heavy equipment can come falling from above and a hard hat is not always enough protection. If a Subcontractor Guidelines area has not been correctly fenced off, or something falls from a crane that reaches beyond the scope of the site passers-by can also be hit by falling objects.
Excavation and Trenching AccidentsCave-ins can and do occur. If material is mounded up too close to the edge it can also fall back in causing serious injury. The risk of death to construction workers in trenching and excavation sites is considered to be 112% higher than in any other area.
ElectrocutionExposed high voltage overhead or underground power lines can easily result in death. Faulty power tools or leads are also responsible for electrocution injuries as are exposed wires that have been left live.
Chemical injuriesConstruction sites are often full of dangerous chemicals. Over exposure to some of these can lead to injury as can inhalation and sometimes explosions or fires.
Exertion injuriesBack injuries from heavy and incorrect lifting are among the most frequent. All manner of RSI injuries from repetitive work are also common.
Heavy EquipmentMany injuries can be caused by heavy equipment in all manner of ways. Machinery may be faulty or topple over. Carelessness with cranes results in many injuries. Forklifts and skid steers are other common accident causers.
Fire and ExplosionsWhile less common there is always the risk of fires and explosions, mainly from faulty equipment or chemicals.
Injuries can range from bumps and bruises, broken bones, back injury, spinal cord injury, cuts, amputations, burns, poisoning and death. Minor accidents usually heal up quickly. More severe injuries may mean days, weeks, months or more off work, with mounting medical bills. Some workers may never be able to return to the same job again.
Workers compensation may be a help but very often a good personal injury lawyer can work aggressively to get the full level of compensation a worker deserves. Negligence may well be found to be the fault of employers, property owners, machinery manufacturers, or other third parties. It is critical that anyone injured on a construction site seeks medical help immediately. They should then …

Types of Injuries Involving Construction

There is the potential for serious injury to occur in most industries. Even a quiet office can have potential injures in the form of repetitive stress injury or back injury. But there are obviously certain industries containing significant numbers of on the job injuries and fatalities. One of the most serious offenders is the Electrician People Also Search For industry. The construction industry holds one of the highest work injury rates of any other injury.
There are a number of reasons why construction is as dangerous as it is for all employees working on site. Construction requires many workers to be doing various things all at once in order to try to get work done as fast and efficiently as possible. Because of this, there is no real organization and thus no real implemented safety plan. When you combine the relative chaos of dozens of workers doing different things with a work site that contains tons of extremely dangerous tools such as nail guns, rotary saws and sledge hammers, materials that can be hazardous such as nails and box cutters and work that is being done from very dangerous locations, it makes sense that construction has one of the highest injury rates.
It is important to be aware of the types of injuries that can occur on a construction site so that employers can make an attempt to lessen the omnipresent hazards as much as they possibly can. Some of the types of injuries or fatalities that occur on construction sites include:
• Puncture wounds-wounds can occur from nail guns that are improperly used or from stepping on loose nails. A nail wound can go from being something that is relatively minimal to something that is extremely serious if it results in a serious disease such as Tetanus or a Staph infection.
• Cuts or amputations-using large saws always contains the possibility of serious injuries. Just a Simple House Designs 2 Bedrooms small slip of the hand when using a large rotary saw can result in the loss of fingers or even hands.
• Falls-construction workers are required to work from very high and unsafe locations. If a worker falls from the top of a roof or from the second story of a building that is mid construction onto the concrete base below, severe injury or death are the most likely results.
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Protection Against Construction Job Injuries

Federal labor statistics show that of those who get injured on Builders In London Uk sites, those between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most likely to get hurt. The reason for this is unclear, but it’s quite shocking. To make matters worse, these injuries tend to be back injuries or spinal injuries, usually from carrying something awkwardly or dropping it altogether. While working in the construction industry can be lucrative, it is also obviously dangerous.
While not all injuries in the construction industry are fatal or serious, there is definitely a serious level of danger for all employees. Over the last five years, fatalities (deaths) have gone down, but part of that is because the economy has gone south and caused quite a few people to become unemployed. Those in the construction field have faced serious consequences, with layoffs costing countless people their jobs. There were some recent economic statistics announced that new home growth is down due to the fact that there are over 12 months were of new homes currently on the market.
In addition to the injuries, they are overwhelmingly happening to men in construction. For example, there were over 155,000 construction related accidents in 2003, and only a little over 3,000 of them involved women. To make matters worse, most of the injuries caused workers to miss a month or more of work. Workers injure their legs, torsos, backs and arms the most. Ultimately, one out of every ten construction workers will suffer some form of injury this year.
For anyone looking for a construction job (or who already has one), it’s important to get the proper gear to protect yourself from serious injury. Many construction accidents can be prevented, but poor equipment, poor safety and poor planning often lead to injuries, wounds or even fatalities. Without properly protecting yourself, you could suffer a serious injury due to a construction accident.
A few ways to protect yourself include:
Proper eye gear – Obviously the eyes are some of the most sensitive parts of your Residential Electrician Salary 2019 body, so wearing goggles whenever possible can help protect your vision.
Insoles – People know to wear good boots on a construction site, but the padding inside your shoes could protect your back, your legs, your neck and more.
Speak up if you are hurt – There is always a fear that if you complain, you’ll get fired. In the end though, missing work for two or three months due to an injured spine is worse than getting fired, because while you can always get another job, you can’t get a new spine.…