Protection Against Construction Job Injuries

Federal labor statistics show that of those who get injured on Builders In London Uk sites, those between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most likely to get hurt. The reason for this is unclear, but it’s quite shocking. To make matters worse, these injuries tend to be back injuries or spinal injuries, usually from carrying something awkwardly or dropping it altogether. While working in the construction industry can be lucrative, it is also obviously dangerous.
While not all injuries in the construction industry are fatal or serious, there is definitely a serious level of danger for all employees. Over the last five years, fatalities (deaths) have gone down, but part of that is because the economy has gone south and caused quite a few people to become unemployed. Those in the construction field have faced serious consequences, with layoffs costing countless people their jobs. There were some recent economic statistics announced that new home growth is down due to the fact that there are over 12 months were of new homes currently on the market.
In addition to the injuries, they are overwhelmingly happening to men in construction. For example, there were over 155,000 construction related accidents in 2003, and only a little over 3,000 of them involved women. To make matters worse, most of the injuries caused workers to miss a month or more of work. Workers injure their legs, torsos, backs and arms the most. Ultimately, one out of every ten construction workers will suffer some form of injury this year.
For anyone looking for a construction job (or who already has one), it’s important to get the proper gear to protect yourself from serious injury. Many construction accidents can be prevented, but poor equipment, poor safety and poor planning often lead to injuries, wounds or even fatalities. Without properly protecting yourself, you could suffer a serious injury due to a construction accident.
A few ways to protect yourself include:
Proper eye gear – Obviously the eyes are some of the most sensitive parts of your Residential Electrician Salary 2019 body, so wearing goggles whenever possible can help protect your vision.
Insoles – People know to wear good boots on a construction site, but the padding inside your shoes could protect your back, your legs, your neck and more.
Speak up if you are hurt – There is always a fear that if you complain, you’ll get fired. In the end though, missing work for two or three months due to an injured spine is worse than getting fired, because while you can always get another job, you can’t get a new spine.