Types of Injuries Involving Construction

There is the potential for serious injury to occur in most industries. Even a quiet office can have potential injures in the form of repetitive stress injury or back injury. But there are obviously certain industries containing significant numbers of on the job injuries and fatalities. One of the most serious offenders is the Electrician People Also Search For industry. The construction industry holds one of the highest work injury rates of any other injury.
There are a number of reasons why construction is as dangerous as it is for all employees working on site. Construction requires many workers to be doing various things all at once in order to try to get work done as fast and efficiently as possible. Because of this, there is no real organization and thus no real implemented safety plan. When you combine the relative chaos of dozens of workers doing different things with a work site that contains tons of extremely dangerous tools such as nail guns, rotary saws and sledge hammers, materials that can be hazardous such as nails and box cutters and work that is being done from very dangerous locations, it makes sense that construction has one of the highest injury rates.
It is important to be aware of the types of injuries that can occur on a construction site so that employers can make an attempt to lessen the omnipresent hazards as much as they possibly can. Some of the types of injuries or fatalities that occur on construction sites include:
• Puncture wounds-wounds can occur from nail guns that are improperly used or from stepping on loose nails. A nail wound can go from being something that is relatively minimal to something that is extremely serious if it results in a serious disease such as Tetanus or a Staph infection.
• Cuts or amputations-using large saws always contains the possibility of serious injuries. Just a Simple House Designs 2 Bedrooms small slip of the hand when using a large rotary saw can result in the loss of fingers or even hands.
• Falls-construction workers are required to work from very high and unsafe locations. If a worker falls from the top of a roof or from the second story of a building that is mid construction onto the concrete base below, severe injury or death are the most likely results.
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