Construction Signs

Any where you see construction or road works you will see a construction sign of some type, there are a lot of different signs you may come across each with their own meaning. Their purpose is to tell you something, weather it has a picture on it, or words it is there to warn you or inform you. You may think that these are only found on a construction sites but you are likely to see them more frequently where road works are present. There are so many signs that it would be hard to state them all and a lot that are just images, however I will name a lot of the text based signs below:

The following signs are all in Orange Diamonds:


Uneven Lanes


Shoulder Drop-Off

Pavement Ends

Detour 1000 FT

Soft Shoulder

Road Work Ahead

35 M.P.H

No Centre Stripe

Flagger 500 FT

Utility Work Ahead

Right Lane Closed Ahead

Shoulder Work

One Lane Ahead

Street Closed 1000 FT

Road Closed What Is A General Contractor Salary 1000 FT

Truck Hauling

Movers Construction Services Concrete Ahead

Right Lane Ends

Fresh Oil


Road Machinery Ahead

Truck Crossing

Survey Crew

Be Prepared To Stop

Blasting Zone 1000 FT

The following signs are all in Orange Rectangles:

500 Feet

End Road Works


Pilot Car Follow Me

Road Work Next 5 Miles

End Road Works

The text in all the signs I have stated will always have their text in full capital letters.

There are many other signs you will come across, i have not stated these as they usually contain no text and are just images.…

Dubai Real Estate Construction Sector Showing Positive Signs

Some years back Dubai real estate market got badly hit by great slump and got crashed like a deck of cards. Now after considerable period of time Dubai property market is regaining its lost status. Although, currently Dubai is not enjoying the same high status as it was some years back but as far as Home Improvements And Renovations sector is considered, it is now on the right path of restoration. Authentic data shows that in the year 2010 approximately 3500 buildings were completed in the first 9 months worth more than DH 25 billion.
Recent reviews state that the How To Start A Construction Company In India sector is currently heading towards the crossroads of success. Banks and financial institutions will also capitalize the growth out of necessity. The overall growth of construction of buildings in 2010 is 24 percent more then the previous year. The growth is expected to further boost due to Qatar’s winning bid to host FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar government has showed its interests to invest more than 57 billion dollars on its infrastructure. This will directly impact the construction companies of Dubai and Abu Dhabi real estate sector as they will get major share of projects.
The growth of construction sector can also be estimated by looking at the record breaking buildings of Dubai. In the fourth quarter of 2011 world’s tallest residential building will be completed. The princess tower located at Dubai Marina is 107 storey high and will break the record of world’s tallest residential building. These types of buildings are the avid proof of the conditions of construction companies located in Dubai. When the slump hit, Dubai real estate market was on its peak and the major reason of slump was oversupply of completed projects. The supply was increased and the demand decreased. Now as the market is stabilizing itself, the demand is also started to increase in a steady manner. This will ultimately push the construction companies to start the construction works again.
Besides all this, government of Dubai is also encouraging the construction companies by introducing different rules and laws to protect Dubai property market in future. According to reports government has funded one fifth of total value of all completed projects in the year 2010. Different property experts are of the view that the coming years will prove to be the pre-booming years of construction sector as well as of Dubai property market. The whole discussion above shows some positive signs about the construction sector of Dubai and it all tells that Dubai still hold the potential to gain its lost regime.…

Safety Signs For the Construction Workplace

In the UK in 1996 a number of health and safety regulations were written up and then put into force. These regulations are designed to protect people in the various industries and one where they should be religiously enforced is the construction industry. It is through these regulations construction companies now need to ensure that they install specific construction safety signs on all their sites.
Safety on a construction site is of the utmost importance and this is why there are special regulations in place. The Construction Health Safety and Welfare Regulations of 1996 cover all things to do with health and safety on a construction site including the installation of the relevant signage. Not only should signs be in place indicating that hard hats need to be worn at all times, but other signage must have been installed as well.
When it comes to construction sites the signs displayed are not only there to protect those employed to work on them but those passing by or visiting. The types of signs that should be on display for all to see are as follows:-
1. Construction companies need to display signs on site that clearly indicate all routes that traffic will use not just coming in and out of it but whilst on the site.
2. They must clearly identify all routes that employees and visitors to the site must use when an emergency occurs.
3. They must provide signage that enables those on the Commercial Building Construction Services to be able to identify where any form of emergency equipment including fire fighting tools are kept.
4. As there may be hazard materials used on the site then signs should not only display where Subcontracting Contract they are stored but also what pipe work if any that they may be transported through.
5. Plus there should be numerous signs installed around the site which display general health and safety information that can protect those people on them.
The whole aim of any warning signage including that used on construction sites is to provide information relating to any potential risks to one’s self that cannot be prevented. Along with the correct signage being used as stated in the 1996 Regulations they should also comply with certain British sign standards.
When it comes to construction sites today it isn’t just the standard construction safety signs you will see installed. In fact nowadays more and more construction sites will have acoustic signals and illuminated signs installed to provide warnings of any potential risk.
Today the emphasis of ensuring that the correct construction safety signs have been installed plays a major role in the construction industry today. If not then the risk to employees, visitors and passers bys is greatly increased.
When trying to discover what sorts of construction safety signs need to be used the internet is a great place to find what you need. There are numerous websites such as ones that sell these signs and a Government health and safety one …