Construction Signs

Any where you see construction or road works you will see a construction sign of some type, there are a lot of different signs you may come across each with their own meaning. Their purpose is to tell you something, weather it has a picture on it, or words it is there to warn you or inform you. You may think that these are only found on a construction sites but you are likely to see them more frequently where road works are present. There are so many signs that it would be hard to state them all and a lot that are just images, however I will name a lot of the text based signs below:

The following signs are all in Orange Diamonds:


Uneven Lanes


Shoulder Drop-Off

Pavement Ends

Detour 1000 FT

Soft Shoulder

Road Work Ahead

35 M.P.H

No Centre Stripe

Flagger 500 FT

Utility Work Ahead

Right Lane Closed Ahead

Shoulder Work

One Lane Ahead

Street Closed 1000 FT

Road Closed What Is A General Contractor Salary 1000 FT

Truck Hauling

Movers Construction Services Concrete Ahead

Right Lane Ends

Fresh Oil


Road Machinery Ahead

Truck Crossing

Survey Crew

Be Prepared To Stop

Blasting Zone 1000 FT

The following signs are all in Orange Rectangles:

500 Feet

End Road Works


Pilot Car Follow Me

Road Work Next 5 Miles

End Road Works

The text in all the signs I have stated will always have their text in full capital letters.

There are many other signs you will come across, i have not stated these as they usually contain no text and are just images.