The Bathroom Makeover: Adding Bathroom Cabinets for Function and Decor

The Bathroom Makeover: Adding Bathroom Cabinets for Function and Decor

Cabinets add efficiency, organization, and d?�cor to any room. When installing your bathroom cabinets, make it a point to balance their functionality and decorative features – neither should be completely ignored over the other. To aid you in the decision making process, here are some ways to ensure that your cabinets will be a worthwhile investment.

First, plan how much storage space you will need to allot for each member of the household. Providing ample storage is key to making the bathroom look organized and neat, leaving the rest of the room looking less cluttered.

Planning will also help you determine the size, design, and number of cabinets you need. It helps to complement whichever bathroom cabinets you plan to install with drawers, shelves, and swing-out hampers for additional storage.

While nobody is denying that sufficient storage should always be a priority, you should also consider how to make these cabinets fit seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom’s layout. The doors on your new cabinet should not interfere with the capacity of users to move freely in and out of the room. For this purpose, it is also highly recommended that you ask your resident cabinet designer to incorporate self-closing door hinges to prevent accidents from doors that are left ajar. If you’re buying a pre-fabricated set of bathroom cabinets, you can also hire a competent team that can install new hinges on them.

Some of the most efficient and convenient locations for cabinets include the wall above your vanity or sink, and the wall just right above the toilet.

After you’ve found the right spot, the next step is finding the ideal finish and design for your cabinets to set the theme of the bathroom. Raised panels with intricate carvings and arched top panels project a traditional feel, while plain paneled, frameless cabinets make a bathroom look sleek and modern. Given their close proximity to the shower, toilet and sink, make it a point that whatever the style you choose for your new bathroom cabinets, see to it that you choose a polish that makes them resistant to moisture and stains.

There is a wide variety of options that can suit your needs, including in-stock cabinets, semi-custom varieties that allow you to choose the door styles and finishes. If you think you can afford a little more personalization, there are also fully custom cabinets designed exactly to your specifications.

It all comes down to choosing which options you prefer in achieving the look you want for the bathroom.