The Construction Industry of the Future – What On Earth Is Holding That Building Up?

In the future we will have super strong materials for the construction industry which are transparent, or see-through. Consider if you will carbon nano tubes which are between 50 and 100 times stronger than steel for the same weight and thickness, and also quite transparent comparatively speaking. Also consider graphing coatings which are only one atom thick, but add quite a bit of structural support when they are shrink-wrapped onto a surface holding it all together. Let’s talk about transparency in the future of the construction industry from might.
The graduate students at MIT have also come up with a way to bend light around objects. That means the support structures made out of these high-tech materials are not only transparent, but because they do conduct electricity it would be quite easy to repel light beams around them. Therefore a building might appear as if it is floating on air. Imagine that for a moment. That sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?
In fact, they are already planning on putting offshore wind turbine towers which are 400 feet high off the coast of Cape Cod, and then bending the light around them so you wouldn’t even see them. Occasionally, you might see light from the sun flickering off the large rotating propellers, but you wouldn’t see the large giant steel structures holding it all up.
This of course is just one example, indeed, small dams on small rivers might be made of the same material, and all you would see is a wall of water, but not the dam made at of carbon nanotube structure, which would give you a totally different perspective, not to mention being able to see the fish below for instance. Would this create greater ambience? I guarantee you that architects will be using these techniques, technology, and strategies in the near future, as all this becomes available. It will be up to the Adair Homes Reviews industry to figure out how to do it along with the engineers, and we will begin to see more and more of it as time progresses.
Interestingly enough, once these structures are created in a flawless manner and processes and procedures in manufacturing keep them safe, they will replace concrete, rebar, steel, glass, paint, tile, and just about everything that we use in Subcontractor Tax Rate these days. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, because the future of the construction industry is moving forward with or without you.