Glass is a solid yet a rather delicate substance – It can break easily and when broken, is likely to cause serious injury – Here is where the concept of toughened glass comes into the picture. Toughened glass is said to not only be stronger, but when damaged – shatters into countless small bits of blunt glass which is not injurious, therefore causing less or no serious damage.
Glass is toughened by heating normal (not toughened) glass in a furnace at an extremely high temperature and then rapidly bringing the temperature down, thus obtaining a much stronger form of glass.
The concept of toughened glass usage in the construction industry has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years.
Having realised the importance of tough glass and its growing popularity, two young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of acknowledging this concept and therefore formed ‘Express Toughening: The Glass Warehouse’, a glass toughening company, in 2001. As demand for tough glass has grown over the years, the company has been growing within the industry. Over the last decade the company has diversified within itself and now deals in the processing of tough glass. Express Toughening, as it is known today, is a premier glass toughening and processing company based in the South East of England.
So, what has worked right for Express Toughening that has facilitated its growth in the last decade? – The company moved from being a toughened glass manufacturer only to a processing tough glass company. Also, they have been constantly introducing new products, toughened splashbacks and 15 mm low iron being their latest additions. This practise of introducing new products and services has helped the company target a wider customer base as it attracts wider businesses and families looking to buy glass for their homes. For instance, the introduction of toughened splashbacks has attracted more kitchen designers/manufacturers. Express Toughening is easily reachable by customers looking for consultancy regarding their glass needs, therefore providing a commendable customer service. The glass is also made ready within a time frame of 24 to 48 hours for toughened glass and 72 hours for processed glass. Express Toughening also offers an express delivery service to its customers.
A high quality and express service has helped Express Toughening create value in the market and attain more and Sub Contract Work Definition more popularity in the industry particularly in the UK, therefore suggesting a smooth and rapid expansion.
The success of Express Toughening marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Construction Startups In India glass industry as demand for toughened glass is rapidly gaining prominence.

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