The most common projects a mini excavator is used for

Selecting between a mini-excavator and a standard excavator is a pretty overwhelming decision when you’re into construction projects. It is without a doubt that mini-excavators have induced a revolution in the construction industry.

If you’re cost-conscious and want high performance, reliability, and excellent business value without hiring heavy-duty excavators, a mini excavator hire has a lot to offer. It’s a much more practical option in reducing operating costs and enhancing delivery values.

There are many projects where you can’t go in with a full-size standard excavator due to space constraints or due to the chances of damaging the surroundings. That’s where mini-excavators come in to handle any type of excavation job on a smaller scale. Although they are compact or small in size their efficiency and deliverability are at par with their full-size counterparts.

Because of their compact size, these small machines are way too easier to operate. If you’ve already operated the standard excavator, operating this small machine will make your life simple and easier. If you’re a newbie, you can learn how to operate this machine in a matter of minutes.

If you’re still confused whether you should get a mini-excavator or not; let’s have a look at some of the projects mini-excavators are used for:

Landscaping Work

Mini-excavators are ideal for all sorts of landscaping jobs. They are like a must to have tool for landscapers and gardeners. You can use it for planting trees and erecting fence posts. You can add an auger with the excavator for precision digging. If you need to grade soil or make smooth slopes or shape ditches, you can use the backfill blade with a mini-excavator for grading or leveling terrain.

Plowing Snow

During colder months of the year, you may need to clear snow off the roads and pathways to your home. That’s where a mini-excavator can make your life simple. You can use a special blade attachment to plow snow effortlessly. Because of the compact size, it can move around the snow-covered roads quicker.

Repairing Sewer Lines

For most of the sewer line repair jobs, you need to make trenches for the removal of the existing pipeline and installing a new one. You can easily do such a thing with a mini-excavator. You don’t have to hire a hefty priced standard excavator. Mini-excavator can reach tight spaces and can install pipes in there.

Excavating for Pools

If you’re like many other homeowners who are afraid of installing pools and hot tubs with thoughts of damaging the outdoor landscape, a mini-excavator is like good news for you. Because of the small size of the mini-excavator, it can perfectly navigate to your backyard and can fit in there without the need of removing or opening up space, unlike larger diggers.

Breaking Concrete (Demolition)

If you’re up to breaking large pieces of concrete-like garden paths, retaining walls, or pavers; you can rely on your mini-excavator. You just have to get a concrete breaker attachment like a ripper that can utilize the power of a compact excavator to allow the crush to flow through the pulverizes jaws.

Time to hire mini-excavator

Now that you know the different benefits and uses of a mini excavator rental, it’s the time to hire one for your needs. We are offering reliable mini-excavator hire services in your town and we’re proud of our number of happy customers. So, call us now and our sales representative will be happy to serve you.