Change Your Bathroom Decoration and Look With Easy Steps

Change Your Bathroom Decoration and Look With Easy Steps

First of all, the basic change you should do to the bathroom is by working on the walls. If you have small and poorly ventilated bathroom, it’s better to use paint rather than wallpaper. Wallpaper tends to peel easily because of the steam and moisturizer in the bathroom. What’s worse, mold may grow on the wet wallpaper.

Next, you should think smart in choosing the colors for the tile because replacing tile can be very difficult and expensive. Tile is a permanent part in your bathroom, therefore by choosing tile with conservative patterns and colors you’ll feel easier next time you want to add bold color accents with towels, shower curtains, or new paint jobs. So, avoid placing tile which is too colorful.

Still regarding you room tiling, besides the simple tile, you are suggested to choose the ‘through-body ceramic’. The color of this type of tile will go through the entire tile. Of course this type of tile will give you good advantages because if there’s a time your tile goes chipped or cracked the color will stay consistent. Moreover, the chips and crack will be unnoticeable.

Lighting is important addition to your bathroom. Speaking of lighting, there’s preferable position to install incandescent lighting like overhead or on either side of the mirror. You better not choose the fluorescent lighting because this could be harsh and unflattering. You can imagine how uncomfortable situation it will be when you are naked in the bathroom with fluorescent lighting.

Furthermore, small bathroom means you need to remodel it in order to make it feels larger. Thus, you should avoid the use of trendy types of sinks if you don’t really need them. Actually, pedestal sinks are not a best choice with the small space your bathroom has. As well, vessel sinks will not be working right either. However, if somehow you really need the vessel one, you can place it in a second bathroom or powder room.

Lastly, you better avoid installing Jacuzzi. One insignificant thing about Jacuzzi is that it’s an old-fashioned choice. It may not work whenever you want to sell your house. So, installing a deep soaking tub is a better preference. Also, freestanding tub or claw foot tubs are much more preferable. In addition, if you rarely spend too much time in your bathroom, you can try to install a large spa-type shower with dual shower heads that will give you a comfortable short-time bathing.