The UK Construction Industry Today

After almost Thirty Four years working in the Construction Industry, I can hand on heart say that I have never seen it in a worse state.
I know that we are in a world recession and that all industries are suffering at the moment, but it is always the Construction Industry that seems to get it worse and for longer.
In past recessions, I personally have not been affected as bad as this, in the past public spending has seemed to carry the Construction Services List Industry through, and pull it out of recession, subsequently the Construction Industry has pulled the rest of the economy out too, in a sort of self-perpetuating way.
So instead of increasing public spending that has worked in the past, what do we do, cut it thus adding to the problem.
I have never seen so many Construction Workers struggling to make ends meet, myself included, in all the years I have worked in this Industry I have never struggled, quite the opposite I have had a good living from it.
As a sub-contract Steel Fixer a few years ago my phone never stopped ringing, now it never rings, I know people who are losing their homes through this, I find it outrageous that hard-working individuals can be treated in this way.
Everybody knows that the Construction Industry is a hard profession, out in all weathers, very physical work and a lot of travelling involved, only at the end of it to face losing your home.
It is my opinion that our government (who I might add are not personally struggling) should invest heavily in public spending for example, hospitals and schools, always in demand.
By the age of 50 most Becoming An Electrician At 40 workers that I know have some form of arthritis or rhematism, through working out in all weathers, the last thing we need at that age is a cut in wages or even worse to lose our jobs, our government should remember who pays their wages and get their finger out and do something before its too late.
Those are my thoughts on the subject.
As the recession grips the country, prices are forced down by supply outstripping demand, consequently wages are going down hard and fast, there are however middle men taking a cut.
The cut the middle man takes could be divided between the employer and the employee, the employer still gets the labour cheaper and can price jobs cheaper therefore staying competitive, but the employee doesn’t have to take such a drastic cut in wages.
The only ones losing out are the middle men that aren’t doing a lot for their cut anyway, they can go and get a proper job like the rest of us!