Things To Consider When Installing A Fence Whether It Should Be An Aluminum Fence or a Vinyl Fence

Things To Consider When Installing A Fence Whether It Should Be An Aluminum Fence or a Vinyl Fence

So, you’re thinking about installing a fence. Those nosy neighbors finally did it this time. Or maybe their dog did it one too many times. Whatever the case, whether it’s to keep other people’s things out (noses, dogs, eyes) or to keep your stuff in (children, pets, sanity), choosing to build a fence leaves you with one big, resounding question. No, we’re not talking about choosing between a vinyl fence and an aluminum fence (though we will in a minute); we’re talking about how is the fence going to get up there?

Well, in the interest of time (yours AND ours) to sum it up, you have three good options:

1. Have a professional fencing company install your fence for you

2. Build your own fence from scratch and install it yourself

3. Have a professional ship you the assembled fence parts in sections and you install it those yourself

Now, these three options seem fairly straight forward. One lets you sit back and do nothing, affording you quality without much personal satisfaction. The second offers you immense personal satisfaction but may see your quality suffer (no offense, we just don’t know too many professional fence builders who search for fence articles on the Internet). And lastly, you can have a blend of professional quality and personal satisfaction.

For most, the choice is fairly easy already, but just in case it isn’t, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each before we figure out if you need a vinyl fence or aluminum fence.

Professional Fence Installation

Here, the pros are fairly obvious:

A� You get to sit around and watch television while your fence is installed

A� You can expect a quality fence or at least a warranty that tells you that you can expect one

A� Did we mention sitting around doing nothing?

But it’s the cons that surprise most people in this category:

A� You typically have to deal with two groups of professionals here: the estimators and the builders

A� The estimators don’t talk to the builders so costs normally run over estimates

A� Waiting for the estimators to come takes a week or two

A� Waiting for the estimators to send the builders the specs takes another one or two weeks

A� The builders then wait for the supplies and the proper scheduling, taking two more weeks

A� The fence takes a few more weeks to install

Okay, so professional installation looks great if you want to sit around and do nothing while your fence takes a few months to build, during which, that privacy you wanted? Forget about it.

Building Your Own Fence

Here, there are really only the obvious pros:

A� You get to go out there and build your vision

A� You get to work with your hands on the lay of the land

A� If you have children to help, they’re good, free labor. Or quality time. (It’s all in the labeling.)

A� Every time you look at that fence, you can be proud (if it makes it past the wind)

The cons? Well, you know them:

A� What do you really know about building a fence?

A� Costs are often far off budget with your first fence

A� What do you really know about building a fence?

Okay, so unless you have a few months, a lot of patience and some extra money, this one is out.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Pre-made Fences You Install

So, let’s take the best of the above pros:

A� Getting dependable quality you can afford

A� Working with your hands

A� Receiving the fence quickly and installing at the speed you want

A� Having something sturdy and effective that you can be proud of

And look at the cons:

A� Your kids may charge you for the help

And see that it’s as easy as choosing between a vinyl fence and an aluminum fence: a vinyl fence is better for aesthetics and an aluminum fence is better for security (told you we’d talk about it)!

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