Tips to Raise the Resale Value of Your Home

Tips to Raise the Resale Value of Your Home

Selling a home in today’s market is a big decision and one that many people have decided to explore. Luckily, seeing that many houses that were once unavailable are on the market, many other people are becoming potential buyers. This is also why it becomes more and more important to expect smarter buyers and do everything you can to raise the appeal and value of your home before showing it. It doesn’t take much, but with a little work and some smart shopping you save money on improvements and make more money on the sale.

Without further ado, here’s a checklist of things that potential buyers will notice.

The paint job – Interior and exterior. Giving your house a new paint job is like putting on a new suit. You feel better about the look of it, you feel more comfortable in a sales position. Additionally, a new paint job or siding on the outside is a great first impression.

Light switches – This is a fairly simple one (if you know what you’re doing, if ask someone who does). A house with old style electric switches is potentially a fire hazard and, to be honest, makes the house look older.

Wood trim – Adding wood trim and cornicing around the house will add a whole new level to the visual splendour of your home. Ceiling trim adds a beautiful touch and takes very little time at all.

Fencing – Adding a solid aluminum fence around your property is a huge selling point because it adds security, the material is long-lasting and weather resistant, and property values increase. Most people are very fond of the old style wrought iron fences (with their elegant designs) but not necessarily the rust that goes with them; An aluminum fence has all the style and none of the rust.