Water As a Solvent

Water is an excellent solvent. It is often referred as ‘universal solvent’. Water is something, presence of which is necessity. Can you think of your life without water? Not only humans, each and every organism on this earth is cannot live without H2O. Water is not only used for drinking, but for so many other works also.
-Can you wash clothes without water?
-Can you clean you house or your office or any other premises without water?
-Can you take bath without water?
-Can you cook your food without water?
Not only above mentioned works, there are so many things that cannot be run in the absence of H2O. If living organisms need oxygen to live, then water is also badly required to live life on earth.
If you are planning to build you house, then plenty of water is required for Small House Plans Free. your house is a small fraction of construction industry. Uncounted commercial buildings, apartments, public places cannot come into existence without water. Construction industry cannot work without water.
Agriculture is not possible without liquid. If farmer would not irrigate their fields, then how would you get fruits, vegetables and so many Subcontractor Synonym other agriculture products. Water is needed for most industry processes.water is used for cooling, for recreation and for dust control.
Have you heard about hydro power? Hydropower is form of electricity generated by using water. The main categories of water use are agricultural, municipal and industrial. Once used, water can be treated and used again as reclaimed H2O or effluent.
On an average a man consumes 60000 to 80000 litters of water in his lifetime. Body of a human contains 40 to 50 litres of water at given time. Human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body size.
In one way or other H2O is part of almost everything humans do or make.